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#Repost @willortonracing ・・・ ROK world finals 2019💥 —— My week started of on Tuesday when I arrived on the track just in time to make the last few practice sessions. Over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday I found a lot of time however we just seemed to lack bottom to mid range power. Qualifying rolled around and we were just left speechless about what had happened. All of the brits were down at the back of my group and we just didn’t know why. There was something we didn’t quit know yet. 5 heats later and we were starting to figure out the motors and carb settings to get us onto a competitive package. All I can say is making up an average of over 10 places each heat it’s fair to say I did the best that I could. after the heats where over all that I could do is wait. A drivers parade showcasing all 600+ drivers from over 50 countries Took place after the final heat however all that I could think about is weather I would be putting the gloves on for one final time and race round the south Garda karting circuit. Great news came and after qualifying second to last in my group in qualifying I had made the Bridgestone trophy. I would start the final race of the weekend in 26th place. Another astonishing recovery drive saw me make up 13 places to finish 13th place. That’s not all to bad considering ROK has been out for one year in the uk and there wasn’t the knowledge in the paddock that there is in some of the other country’s where it has been out for over a decade. I would just like to say a massive thank you to @msportkartracingteam for the great advise all weekend and @superoneseries for hosting such a great championship👍 —— 📸@fotocar13 | @msportkartracingteam | #WO31

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