The Team

Motorsport, at any level, is a team sport; as they say, “The car can’t drive itself” (not yet anyway). It’s equally true, that even the best driver can’t win if the car is broken-down and probably won’t win if they’ve been sent out on the wrong setup or with certain parts of the kart not performing at their best.

Will and his dad learnt this the hard way, when a combination of not managing time on their race engine and a couple of unexpected carb failures (the infamous Bambino cracking carbs) were directly responsible for a dip in performance that cost him a National title.  History says he came second.  It was our mistake to learn from.  And second place was a fantastic result for a young racer at the beginning of his career.  But that lesson is burnt deep, and since then every effort is made to ensure Will, and his equipment, arrive at the start line prepared to the best of “Team Will’s” ability.

So, Who’s In Team Will Now?

Peter, Will’s Dad and long-suffering mechanic. If Will bends it or breaks it, Peter has to find a way to fix it. Fortunately, a spell as a motor mechanic when he left school, plus the first 6 years of being Will’s only technical support, gives him a fighting chance of mending most things. 
Liz, Will’s Mum and even more long-suffering wife to Peter and Kart and car racing widow.  However, if there is no race entry, there’s no race, so someone needs a handle on the admin. Plus track side, whilst the driver can sometime get lost in the excitement of race day, he needs to be fed and watered to perform at his best; something which Will and his Dad can forget to do, if left to their own devices.  Liz also developed and keeps this website up-to-date!

Alastair Rushforth Motorsport, Will joined ARM for his debut season in car racing in 2020.  Ali has a long history as a competitor, engineer and now team owner in several categories of motor racing, including Fiesta and Ginetta classes.  For more information see here.  

Karting Teams Will has worked with
Litchfield Motorsport 2018/19 season
M-Sport 2018 CIK-FIA Academy Trophy and 2019 ROK Superfinals

Sam Jenkins Motorsport 2017 TKM

Many other people have helped Will on his way.  We would like to say a special thanks to the following:

  • Zip North, who helped with Will's spiralling kart preparation and spares costs as he competed in both Super One and then the International CIK-FIA Academy Trophy events.  We used Zip North as our main source for kart parts and spares since or first days in Bambino.  They have always been extremely helpful and highly efficient and more than once have got us out of a fix at the eleventh hour.  As one of their customers for many years [remember Will is only 16!], we recommend them to anyone requiring kart parts, tools or accessories, for almost any make of kart.
  • Darren Beavers who ran the Bambino Kart Championship (BKC)
  • John at Force who serviced Will's Bambino engines
  • Brian at Flex who gave early advice about TKM racing