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Rising Star Will Orton Joins Hybrid Tune for Mini Challenge JCW Championship, Targets Top-Three Fini

Eighteen-year-old racing prodigy Will Orton has been announced as the latest addition to the Hybrid Tune racing team for the upcoming Mini Challenge JCW Championship, which supports the prestigious British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). With 13 years of racing experience under his belt, the young driver is eager to make his mark in the high-stakes world of motorsport.

Will Orton standing next to his JCW Racing Mini
Rookie Will and his new Racing Mini

Orton's journey began at the tender age of five, navigating the world of go-karts and honing his skills on the track. His impressive performance in karting led to opportunities in more advanced racing categories, including stints in Fiestas and Ginettas. Now, Orton is set to join the reigning Mini Challenge JCW champions, Hybrid Tune, for a shot at the coveted title.

Born and raised within a stone's throw of the Donington race track, Will currently splits his time between living in Nottinghamshire and pursuing his motorsport education at Loughborough College. With a strong foundation in both racing and academics, Orton is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of his budding career.

The ambitious young driver faces stiff competition from his three older and more experienced teammates. However, Orton is determined to surpass them in his rookie season to attract the attention of potential sponsors. His primary target for the season is to secure a top-three finish, which would demonstrate his capabilities and help underpin his career by solidifying sponsorship opportunities.

One of Orton's greatest supporters has been his father, Pete, who has been by his side from the beginning, reminiscent of the close bond between Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton and his father, Anthony Hamilton. This unwavering support has been instrumental in propelling Will's career forward.

Will Ortons JCW Racing Mini with flames coming from the exhaust
Will Orton's Flaming Hot Racing Mini

Driving the Mini JCW cars has been Orton's greatest challenge yet. Despite being front-wheel drive, the Mini JCW's are very light on their rear wheels, making them difficult to drive to their limits requiring faster reaction times from drivers. This unique driving experience not only serves as a testament to Will's adaptability but also prepares him for more senior racing categories in the future.

As the championship draws near, fans and fellow racers alike will be eagerly watching to see if this young talent can carve out a name for himself and secure the resources needed to take his career to new heights. With the support of his family, the backing of Hybrid Tune, and a relentless drive for success, Will Orton is poised to make an unforgettable impact in the Mini Challenge JCW Championship.

Orton's focus remains on excelling in the upcoming Mini Challenge JCW Championship, but he also aspires to move into touring car racing in the future. For now, however, his sights are set firmly on achieving his ambitious goal of a top-three finish this season and solidifying the sponsorship opportunities that will underpin his career and propel him to greater heights in motorsport.

See more about Will as he prepares for this season in his video:

Video produced by @stacksfs

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